Overview: Thailand’s Sex Trade

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Thailand is located at the centre of the Indochinese peninsula in Mainland Southeast Asia. They are surrounded by ornate temples and picturesque beaches that equally rival that of Bora Bora and Hawaii. It’s capital, Bangkok, is the city of angels known for its busy trade, ultramodern mega-malls, vibrant street life and culturally rich landmarks. However at night it is transformed.

Notorious for their red light districts that many foreign men travel for. Sex tourism and prostitution is one of this country’s most lucrative commodities which earn them billions. According Nation Multimedia (2012),  Thailand earns over $6.4 Billion a year in revenue from the sex industry which is roughly 10% of the country’s GDP (Gross domestic product)

Many prostitutes line and work the streets at night while others are based at conventional massage parlours, beer bars, spas, gambling dens and resorts accepting below the line pay equivalent drinks. Thai GO GO Girls, Thai Bar Girls, Thai street freelancing girls, Thai massage girls, Thai Escort girls, the list goes on. Some of them do it willingly while others have been bought, forced, abducted, fallen for fraud, abused or given payments to be controlled regardless of consent. This is the epitome of human trafficking, human sex trafficking.

Human sex trafficking is dubbed modern day slavery, a violation of ethics and human rights and injustice. Already in the 21st Century but women are still being bought and sold on a market like product goods. The conditions they live in as sex workers and prostitutes in Thailand are unbelievable to say the least. They have no opportunity to escape a cramped room, they are denied food and water, their passports and IDs have been taken away and they have no access to a phone or communication device. How would you feel if your daughters, wife, mothers, sisters, best friend and cousins were coerced into entering this ordained world?  They don’t know if they’ll be beaten, they don’t know if they’ll be murdered, they don’t know if they could be gang raped and they do not know if they can escape.

Be aware. Serve the Right. Join the movement today.




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