Questions to ask if you suspect trafficking is occurring near you

Screening questions:

  1. Is this person free to leave the work site?
  2. Is the person physically, sexually or psychologically abused?
  3. Does the person have a passport or valid I.D. card and is he/she in possession of such documents?
  4. What is the pay and conditions of employment?
  5. Does the person live at home or at/ near the work site?
  6. How did the individual arrive to this destination if the suspected victim is a foreign national?
  7. Has the person or a family member of this person been threatened?
  8. Does the person fear that something bad will happen to him or her, or to a family member, if he/she leaves the job?

Remember anyone can report suspected trafficking cases. Contact your nearest police, law enforcement agency and crime stoppers to report such cases.

Be aware. Serve the Right. Join the movement today.




4 thoughts on “Questions to ask if you suspect trafficking is occurring near you

    1. Great suggestion Gina, thank you! We are currently in the works of curating information of organisations and individuals that useful point of contacts for anything sex trafficking related so be on the look out for that. Coming soon we promise 🙂



    1. Yea! Something interesting that I found now that you mentioned it. CNN Freedom project run a campaign with Atlanta airport where they set up large TV screens and booths providing signs (like those questions) on how to spot trafficking victims going in and out of airports!
      Check out the video here: It’s such a creative way to capture a global audience don’t you reckon?



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