Sex Trafficking Awareness Day


26 October 2015

I invite you to join us on Sex Trafficking Awareness Day

In collaboration with our friends at SoldForSex #BeTheirVoice, we are holding an event to bring attention to the silent victims that have been forgotten, gone unnoticed and continue to be sexually exploited.

Globally, an estimated 20.9 million people fall victims to sex trafficking and a good chunk of this is witnessed in Thailand. One study shows that 57% of sex workers have been raped into prostitution, 55% of the women were physically assaulted and 47% of them had pornography made of them while working as a sex workers without their consent.

Once in the life of a sex worker especially those being coerced, a dark and lonely journey ensues. It becomes extremely difficult for the women and girls to leave; they think there is not enough help, they are belittled into thinking there is no other jobs and they are being held against their will because of debt to their pimps. Many sex trafficking victims contract HIV/Aids or other health disorders, others abuse drug and alcohol as a coping mechanism to survive the trade and majority suffer from physical and mental insecurity.

As a result these, sex trafficking victims will suffer detrimental consequences in the future. Some of them include:

  • Not being able to bare children of their own or do not have the ability to care for and start a family
  • If they have contracted HIV/Aids, it is possible they can pass this onto their children and loved ones
  • Ostracised from their communities or families because of their status as a sex worker
  • Permanent physical and socio-psychological impairment as a result of their experiences in the sex trade

That is why it is very important for us to stand united against sex trafficking and slavery. If they struggle to make voice, we will acknowledge their lives and become their voice. As representatives we propose today, everyone take onto social media platforms such as FB and Twitter to post a picture of yourselves with your mouth covered (by hand or sticky take or anything you wish). This is what it’s like to be in their shoes; no freedom, trapped and injustice. Don’t forget to #BreakTheTraffik #BeTheirVoice to get it trending! C’mon guys together we can fight to end sex trafficking!



2 thoughts on “Sex Trafficking Awareness Day

  1. Wow, that definitely hit home! I didn’t know the consequences could get so detrimental, can’t imagine the psychological stress. Great initiative, I will join today! #BreakTheTraffik #Betheirvoice


  2. 20.9 million people fall victims to sex trafficking?! 55% of the women were physically assaulted and 47% of them had pornography made of them while working as a sex workers without their consent?! That’s crazy so underground! I will definitely join youse today!


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