Thailand struggles with large organised crime activity in human trafficking, particularly in the forced commercial and sexual exploitations of females. Thailand’s illegal lucrative sex industry generates billions of dollars each year by breaking apart families, using and abusing the rights and humanity of females locally and outside the borders. But not enough attention is bringing this social issue to light.

#BreakTheTraffik aims to raise awareness and counter human sex trafficking of females in Thailand. Our mission is digital activism and advocacy by offering insights, news updates and anything information related to the illegal operation of Thailand’s female sex trafficking. We will stand on the right side of other organisations that are fighting this social epidemic.

Don’t let this taboo issue stay hidden- let it come alive. It is suppose to be shocking and controversial but the more people that know, the more we can start the movement towards prosecution of traffickers and the protection of trafficked.

Be aware. Serve the Right. Join the movement today.



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