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Karen’s story

Karen is a 13 year old girl from Burma. She lost both her parents when her village was burned down by military and so she relocated to Mae Sot, near Thailand borders, with her cousins in seek of refuge. She thought she was safe but little did she know her life was going to change forever.

Her older cousin told her she will be working at a restaurant to make a living. The next day she was taken to a house where an old man was waiting for her. Karen recalls, “he told me that he paid a lot of money for me so he could do whatever he wanted. He beat me and raped me three times. Afterwards, a woman picked me up and took me to the ‘darling home.’ I wasn’t allowed to go out or look outside of the windows. I got beaten if I did.”

Karen was given a number tag, which soon became her name, her category. “One day some clients took me away. I thought I would die, they had machetes and I cried for them to release me. They took me to a tent, where I was used by six men. ” When she tried to escape, she got caught and was punished 10 days without food in solitude.

“I escaped when one of the prostitutes felt sorry for me and brought me food. I went on top of the building, and jumped. But I didn’t die. So I got up and ran…”


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